Lagoinha Beach in Ceara NE Brazil

The first time I visited Lagoinha was back in 2006 and immediately fell in love with the place and continued to visit there as often as possible for Kiteboarding, and Surfing.

One day, while surfing, I looked up at the almost surreal dune above
and imagined a house perched on to of the plateau as friends up there waving from their hammocks.

At the time, the house was imagined, but the dune beautiful and very real.

Praia de Lagoinha (Pronounced: Pra-yah, gee La-go een-yah) was beginning to feel like home away from home.

Following a few more visits there, I eventually got smart and stopped by the local Cartorio (What we call a court house) in Paraipaba. Lagoinha is actually the small beach town 10 minutes drive each of the Paraipaba (larger town).  I was determined to track down the owner of that amazing piece of land.

Fast forward 6 months, and "KiteMare Brasil Lmtda"  became the proud owner of a lot. The view while standing on that land (about 80 feet (or 25m  above the sea was simply breathtaking. Crazy Beautiful!!!.  The feeling while standing up was one of pure joy! : )

lagoinha Beach view from the Dune Top

Traveling the Brazilian northeastern coastline has been amazing!

Endless beaches and an endless summer from Macio to Recife, Joao Pessoa to Natal, Canoa Quebrada, Fortaleza to up the coast to Cumbuco, Pecem, Paracuru, Lagoinha, Flexeiras, Ilha do Guajiru, and up to Jeri (Jericoacoara).   

Each place has it's own charm, but nothing struck me quite like Lagoinha Beach.  The locals call it:  "Praia da Lagoinha" 

If you haven't  toured the Brazilian NE Coastline...  do it!

Do give you an idea of distances....  Lagoinha is located about 45 mins from Cumbuco, 20 mins up the coast from Paracuru or about 75 minutes from Fortaleza.   More details on the location page.